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FireIce Fire Suppressant Gel

Water can tame fire. FireIce™ kills it:

  • Quickly
  • Efficiently
  • Permanently

    How Does It Work ? See the Movie »

    Very very simple. Just add the FireIce™ gel powder to water in very low concentrations, it rapidly absorbs into the water to produce a fire suppression gel which you spray onto the house, vehicle or building you want to protect.

    Got a Bush Fire problem ?


    Water containing FireIce™ can be used directly on wildfires and brush fires as well as establish fire breaks that aid in corralling the approaching fire.

    FireIce™ can quickly be added to firefighters canisters as they replenish their water cans to fight fires. It can be added to the pumper truck reservoirs without damaging the water reservoirs or hoses for immediate and effective fire suppression.

    FireIce™ adheres directly to the burning material to break the fire triangle by cooling and rapidly suffocating the fire. This also helps to prevent fire relights and thereby increases firefighter safety.

    The non-toxic, biodegradable fine powder becomes a powerful weapon against fire when added to water. FireIce™ empowers water so it stops fire in its tracks.


    FireIce™ is:

    Safe: It will not damage firefighting equipment and can be flushed out using water.

    Non-toxic: It will not leave an oily or hardened residue.

    Biodegradable: It quickly breaks down and will not harm the environment.

    Easy to use: Just incorporate into water for fast response uses.

    NO Cleaning Chemicals Needed: No need to use any chemicals when cleaning equipment, simply wash with clean water.

    Patent Pending U.S. Serial No. 11/680,803

    Fire Ice Gel offers you the following Fire Fighting features.

    • Fire Safety
    • Fire Prevention
    • Fire Protection
    • Fire Suppression
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